At PMR we provide services for the following industries:


Petroleum Food Plastic
Refinery Dairy Sheet Film
Pharmecutical Canning Injection Mold
Chemical Meat Processing PVC
Oil Drillers Bread Manufacturing Rubber
Water Treatment Beverage Companies  


Sand and Gravel Pulp Mill Metal Forming
Aggregates Paper Mill Steel Forging
Quarries Printing Steel Mill
Chemical Lime Litho Wire Drawing
Coal Mine Recycling Foundries
Underground Mine    


ID/OD Grinding Vertical Milling
ID/OD Polishing Horizontal Milling
Surface Grinding Line Boring
CNC Machining Vertical Machining
Gear Cutting Horizontal Machining
Stress Relieving Heat Treating

In- House Rebuilding and Machining allows more rapid turn around timeĀ our ensures specification are maintained throughout the entire Rebuilding and Machining Process.

Lathes and Grinders:                 Gears Cutting Machine:
Lodge and Shipley 21x98             Fellow
Monarch 18x76                              Gleason
Cinnati 280x24                               Maag

Welding Material:                        Rebuilding Material:
Cast Iron                                         Stainless Steel
Cast Steel                                      Chrome Alloy
Carbon Steel                                  Bronze

Rebuilding Exotic Alloys:         Plating Services:
Inconel                                             Chrome
Hasteloy                                          Nickel
Titanuim                                          Black Oxide
Chrome Alloy                                 Belzona
                                                        Sand Blasting
                                                         Ind Powder Coat